Although Angela Hunkler does work in oils, acrylics and watercolors her main focus is stick and ink drawings. Angela has
been involved with art to some degree throughout her life. She attributes her initial inspiration to a 4th grade teacher who told her she could draw her own lines and fill the spaces as she wished.
Calligraphy became a new focus during 11 years in a Benedictine convent in North Dakota. That influence can still be seen through the inks Angela sometimes employs. Once out of the convent, she finished a bachelor's degree in art at Minot State University. She says, “This meant I too could play with color as my students did, while I was teaching for five years in elementary school.” When she moved to California, Angela continued her art education at Studio One in Oakland.
While spending 26 years working in administration at UC Berkeley, art remained her “inner light.”Angela says she prefers Otto Dix, Leonard Baskin,and Käthe Kollowitz as guides. Dorcas Moulton, Mark Lightfoot, and Pam Lanza have been solid guides as well on what she calls her “constantly changing journey.” She comments, “I paint purely from my world, and I’m constantly drawing from the world around me.” She comments that her brush,stick, and ink, along with mixed media, instructs her next painting.
Angela recently moved her studio to the Jingletown neighborhood of Oakland.

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